Do you wish to feel safe in your community? “Elite Krav Maga” will teach, train and coach you for defending yourself against any situation.

Self Defense Training for Jewish CommunitiesThe disgraceful attitude toward Jews in the Diaspora escalates every years, especially during combat times and while there is tension between Israel and its enemies.

Waves of Anti-Semitism become stronger every day, and physical harming of Jews occurs incessantly, and without proper response on the part of the local governments of those countries.

It may be determined that those Diaspora Jews have become the punching bag of our enemies.

The history has begun to repeat itself rapidly, only the abilities have been upgraded, and the motivation – more destructive.

In many cases, Jews in the Diaspora have been assaulted merely for being Jewish.

Those violent attacks’ motive is pure hatred.

We believe every Jew must know how to protect himself, especially in the light of strengthening of Anti-Semitism waves against Jewish communities.

Elite Krav Maga holds Self Defense seminaries and group trainings to Jewish communities world-wide.

Self-Defense training programs for Jewish communities overseas include:

-teaching of Self-Defense theory
-Defense against bare hand attack
-Defense against an armed attacker (knife, stick, gun, etc.)
-Defense against a multiply attackers.
-Women’s self-defense (emphasizing self-defense against sexual assaults). A personally-adjusted training course may be ordered, as well as a training course according to an existing training program.

We will arrive at your place and will train you for Self-Defense, according to your local requirements and needs.