The Elite Krav Maga’s Self Defense for Women and Girls course is a life-saving course.

Self-defense for girls and womenThe course allows the women and girls participating in the course to receive practical tools that will enable them to walk around with self-confidence to defend themselves when needed and to reach home safely.

We offer you a unique course by Elite Krav Maga that focuses on self-defense for women and girls against sexual assault, common violence towards women and girls…

Elite Krav Maga is the most effective combat method adjusted for self-defense for women.

In the course we will learn:

  • How to behave in dangerous areas
  • What are the weaknesses and how we will use them for our benefit
  • We will learn to respond and strike
  • We will learn to break free from:
  1. Hand grabbing
  2. Shirt grabbing
  3. Hair grabbing
  • We will learn how to use everyday tools for self defense (also selfdefense tools)
  • groundwork
  • and many more…

the courses are worldwide so book your Self-defense for girls and women course now