Operation 357Operation 357 is a Special Israeli Army experience and Krav Maga Program for tourists in Israel By Elite Krav Maga and Master Matan Bochner and the senior instructors team.

what will we do in Operation 357 ?

  1. Special mini-military-bootcamp style
  2. Military Krav Maga
  3. Knifes and guns Disarming
  4. Squad fighting simulations
  5. Heroes Ruck March
  6. Special and Emotional final ceremony

The op357 program:

  1. Receiving dri-fit t-shirts + A short battle legacy story
  2. Demonstrating Elite Krav Maga techniques against cold steel and firearms threats
  3. Practice Elite Krav Maga in pairs (basic Krav Maga, disarming firearms and cold steel weapons, Basic Military Krav Maga Training (Using Long Arms – Rubber Weapons),
    fighting in a face-to-face combat against an armed attacker (when the defender is armed with a long weapon)
  4. Practice entry into shooting situations with weapons (guns and rifles) (rubber
    weapons) + Squad fighting simulations + wide variety of combat scenarios.
  5. heroic ruck march with stretcher (500 meters total) – finishing at a location where will wait there a place with a table with diplomas, patches, challenge coins – decorated with flags and using sound system
  6. Final ceremony with epic music, granting diploma, challenge coin and patch to each person. – finishing with the Israeli National anthem Hatikva.

Some Info about op357 (Operation 357):

  1. The program is design to last 4 til 6 hours (depends on the group need and will)
  2. Each person will receive participation diploma, dri-fit t-shirt, challenge coin, EKM patch
  3. A cold water will be available all the time from a kosher water tank. Disposal cups will be served as well.
  4. The atmosphere will be accompanied by epic Israeli background music and ekm and israeli flags.
  5. Lunch or other food will not be supplied by us.
  6. The team have professional insurance and 3rd party insurance by the practitioners must have own injuries insurance.
  7. The t-shirts sizes will be provided by the agent prior the event (3 weeks ahead at least in order to create the shirts for the group)
  8. Location : we are able to make this project in everyplace requested (to eilat and Golan heights there is an additional cost of 800 ₪)
  9. A photographer will be at the event (the pics will be sent to the group by drive/cloud)