If you are planning your kid’s Bar Mitzvah trip in Israel and you search for a special and authentic israeli experience,

you must keep reading this page because Elite Krav Maga offers an exciting and unforgettable krav maga program for Bar Mitzvah for groups or families – This is Operation 13

In this special Bar Mitzvah Krav Maga program, Operation 13, we offer unique and authentic Israeli kravmaga experience that will be exciting and unforgettable for everybody.

The program is customized to the needs of the group or the family, but in each program we will have full Israeli Experience, exciting action and authentic israeli self defence.

The activity can be held everywhere in Israel according to your needs. It can be in Out-Door Tranning or in our Elite Kravmaga Club.

In every program will be a certify Elite Kravmaga instructor. All of our instructors are Ex-military officers or ex-military kravmaga instructors.

The chief instructor of the federation is Master Matan Bochner, a former IDF Captain. (counter terror unit Captain and the commander of the Israeli special MP forces)