Self-defense workshop (Seminar) with Kubotan (Tactical pen)

Kubotan fighting seminarThe Kubotan is also called “tactical pen” and is a self-defense tool that can be used most effectively, simply and easily by anyone.

The main idea of using the Kubotan is its remarkable ability to help us neutralize the attacker in a relatively simple manner without a vast knowledge in self-defense and Krav Maga. the Kubotan it is a lightweight tool, easy to carry and comes with a small iron ring.

the Kubotan we use is produced in Israel and made and of polymer plastic which is a very light and firm material which is virtually unbreakable under common usage. These qualities make it easy and available to use as it can be used even as a keychain.

The Kubotan is shaped like a “pen” so its nickname is “Tactical Pen”. The Kubotan’s body is ergonomically designed to be comfortably gripped and not to slip from the hand during use.

The Kubotan has a  unique’s designed to inflict great pain on an attacker, yet it will not break and penetrate the skin nor cause external bleeding. Proper use of the Kubotan makes it an excellent  self-defense accessory when pointed at vulnerable points.

Attacking with a Kubotan anywhere in the body significantly improves the odds of winning the fight and get home safely.

We give seminars in self-defense with the Kubotan (tactical pen), especially for women since  this tool gives them an advantage over any attacker.

The basic seminar of the correct use of the Kubotan lasts around 4 hours and of course there are continued seminars to accumulate knowledge and advanced use of the Kubotan. In our opinion and from our vast experience, The Kubotan is a mandatory tool for every woman and girl, so we offer designated seminars. These involve only female participants.

Kubotans are available for purchase the during the Seminar and needless to say there are also seminars for both men and women.

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