Elite Krav Maga offers you the perfect “Online training program” that will let you learn the Elite Krav Maga syllabus while you are at home or where ever you wish.

The Elite Krav Maga syllabus is seperated like our ranking system : Novice, Defender 1, Defender 2, Fighter 1, Fighter 2, Expert 1 etc…

For each rank we have the specific videos that you can learn Krav Maga by watching them.

You can purchase each rank separately or by bundle.

We also offer Elite Krav Maga online seminars.

Singel ranks costs:

Rank Cost
Novice 150 euro
Defender 1 200 euro
Defender 2 250 euro
Fighter 1 300 euro
Fighter 2 350 euro
Expert 1 500 euro

Bundle purchase:

ranks: cost:
Novice, Defender 1, Defender 2 400 euro
Fighter 1, fighter 2 500 euro
Fighter 1, fighter 2, Expert 1 700 euro
Online Fighter 2 exam (certificate will be posted by registered mail) 200 euro
Online Expert 1 exam (certificate will be posted by registered mail) 300 euro
Fighter 2 exam + a weekend seminar 1500 euro + expenses
Expert 1 exam  + a weekend seminar 1750 euro + expenses

Seminar and special courses:

Basic Elite Krav Maga Seminar ( content for 15 hours training seminar) 500 euro
Basic Self defense for women seminar  ( content for 5 hours training seminar) 300 euro
Kubotan training session 70 euro


To purchase training videos or Bundle contact us: +972-54-3194941 or in contact us page