Elite Krav Maga conducts courses and workshops for face to face protection against firearmed attackers carrying a pistol, submachine gun, rifles, etc. …

Our extensive knowledge in the field of defense against firearms is vast and comprehensive and yields from many years of experience in operational service in the Israeli security forces (army, police, intelligence, and more …)
The courses content combines practical exercises and theoretical material, knowledge of a various weaponry, psychology of the armed attacker, protection of third parties, experiencing a variety of armed attacks such as criminal acts, kidnapping attempts, terror threats, citizen dedicated reactions in situations of firearmed threats and military and law enforcements forces dedicated reactions in situations of firearmed threats

Due to the wide variety of techniques against the threat of firearms, the courses’ content is divided into a number of levels (rookie to professional courses).

The contents of the courses at the Civil part include dealing and escaping from situations, from armed robbery including disabling the attacker and protection of a third party.
The security-related courses include takeovers, cuffing and an arrest of the attacker and more … (Additional content for special security forces are included in our special programs).
The techniques are instructed by the senior training staff of Elite Kravmaga. The staff is assembled of ex-military kravmaga instructors and officers, Counter terror officers and special forces veterans.
Elite Kravmaga is an international operation. This allows us to meet, train and supervise our method and trainees anywhere on the globe, on demand
At the end of each course a certificate will be granted to every graduating participant.
curriculum will possess the option to participate in the ” firearmed protection instructors” course