Elite Krav Maga is a revolutionary Israeli combat method that brings the simplicity of the street fight and it incorporates advanced combat abilities taken from the counter-terrorism methods of the IDF and Israeli police. the system provides a response to effective and well trained attacker.

Elite Krav Maga is a combat method that provides solutions to all types of attacks and attackers wherever they are, whether they are unskilled attackers or attackers with rich experience in martial arts.

Elite Krav Maga brings much innovation into the Israeli martial arts. Elite Krav Maga provides a broad and in-depth response to each issue : detentions, takeovers and work on the ground , which penetrated into the street with the entry of the MMA various methods.
Elite Krav Maga, was greatly influenced by a variety of martial arts and integrated within major parts and innovative solutions which were not found together.

In Elite Krav Maga there are hundreds of techniques that provide answers to any kind of attack, such as beating hands, kicks, knife threats and gunpoint, stabbing attempts, a battle on the ground, multi-attackers combat, choking, embracing and takeovers, sexual assault attempts, robbery attempts, attacks with a stick and more …

Elite Krav Maga was founded by Master Matan  Bochner whose goal is to combine all the solutions of self defense in one effective and simple combat method.

Elite Krav Maga Family Tree